Center Console Organizing Trays


Kia Center Console Organizing Trays

Tired of rummaging through the clutter in your Kia's center console? Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to convenience with our Kia Center Console Organizing Trays. These ingenious trays are designed to effortlessly fit into your console, instantly transforming it into a more organized and user-friendly space.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Insertion: Our organizing trays are thoughtfully engineered for a hassle-free installation process. With a perfect fit for Kia models such as the Soul, Carnival, Sorento, and Sportage, you can enjoy an instant upgrade without any complications.

  • Enhanced Usability: The Kia Center Console Organizing Trays provide dedicated slots and compartments to neatly store loose change, sunglasses, wallets, and other personal items that often clutter your console. Now, everything has its place, and you can access what you need in seconds.

  • Hidden Storage: Keep your personal belongings discreetly tucked away. These trays help maintain a tidy and uncluttered interior, ensuring that your console remains an organized and hidden storage haven for your essentials.

Experience the convenience of a clutter-free Kia interior. Shop now and enjoy the benefits of a more organized and accessible center console, designed to make your daily drives easier and more enjoyable.