Floor Mats

Find the most recent Kia Floor Mats here for a most of the Kia lineup! Kia Floor Mats protect the carpeting in your vehicle. Choose between Kia Rubber Floor Mats or Kia Carpeted Floor Mats. Our Kia All Weather Floor Mats are super easy to clean and provide the best protection without breaking the bank. They're made to withstand snowy and rainy climates and cleaning takes a mere five minutes - a quick hose down is all you will need to do! The Kia Carpeted Floor Mats provide great protection as well and are meant to match the carpeting in your vehicle. We also have WeatherTech Floor Liners for Kia vehicles to give your car the ULTIMATE protection against damages!


  • Kia Sportage Floor Mats

    2014-2016 Kia Sportage Floor Mats (L088)

    Kia Sportage Floor Mats (L088) The Kia Sportage Floor Mats are custom-cut and fitted by Kia, so exact fitment is guaranteed. The Sportage Carpeted Floor Mats are sold in a full set of 4 mats. They are embroidered with your model name...

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  • Kia Sedona Floor Mats

    2014 Kia Sedona Floor Mats (J048)

    Kia Sedona Floor Mats (J048) The Sedona Carpeted Floor Mats come color-matched in beige or gray and are custom-cut and fitted by Kia, so fitment is guaranteed. Each order of the Kia Sedona Floor Mats come in a full set of mats for...

    $176.00 As low as $92.95
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  • Kia Spectra5 Floor Mats

    2005-2006 Kia Spectra5 Floor Mats (H055)

    Kia Spectra5 Floor Mats (H055) These are the Kia Spectra5 Floor Mats the Kia Spectra5 Floor Mats come in a full set of mats for the whole vehicle. We assure you that you will have perfect fitment with these Kia Spectra5 Floor...

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