Floor Mats

Protect the interior of your Cadenza by purchasing a set of the 2018 Kia Cadenza Floor Mats that we have! The Kia Cadenza Carpeted Floor Mats are an exact replacement for the OEM set that came with your vehicle. The Cadenza Rubber Floor Mats give your vehicle protection from damaging materials like snow and mud!

  • Kia Cadenza Rubber Floor Mats

    2017-2018 Kia Cadenza Rubber Floor Mats (X017)

    Kia Cadenza Rubber Floor Mats (X017) The Kia Cadenza Rubber Floor Mats were designed with the key idea of protecting your cars original carpeting, all year round. The Cadenza Rubber Floor Mats are great to have when snow or mud season...

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  • Kia Cadenza Floor Mats

    2017-2018 Kia Cadenza Floor Mats (X018)

    Kia Cadenza Floor Mats (X018) The OEM 2017-2018 Kia Cadenza Floor Mats are custom-cut and fitted by Kia, so fitment is guaranteed! The Kia Cadenza Carpeted Floor Mats are sold in a full set of 4 mats and come in the color black. They are...

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