Exterior Accessories

The 2004 Kia Amanti Exterior Accessories offered in this section of include both protective and stylish accessories to enhance your value and show your Kia Amanti pride! Kia Stuff is an authorized Kia dealer and your trusted source for Kia Amanti Accessories and Parts! Order with us today to experience the Kia Stuff online store difference!

  • Kia Valve Stem Caps - White Logo

    Kia Valve Stem Caps (A026)

    Kia Valve Stem Caps (A026) Each order comes with a full set of 4 chrome-plated Kia Valve Stem Caps. The Kia Valve Stem Caps are offered with the logo in red or white! Order yours for a set of some of the most inexpensive items that add a touch...

    $16.50 As low as $13.95
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  • Kia License Plate Frame - Slim Line

    Kia License Plate Frame - Slim Line (A020)

    Kia License Plate Frame - Slim Line (A020) Made up of solid brass and then chrome-plated the Kia License Plate Frame - Slim Line is an excellent way to add a nice finishing touch to your car! The reason this is called "Slim Line" is because of...

    $43.00 $32.95
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  • Kia License Plate Frame Kit

    Kia License Plate Frame Kit (A024)

    Kia License Plate Frame Kit (A024) The Kia License Plate Frame Kit! This is a packaged bundle deal! This Kia License Plate Frame Kit comes with a multiple set of items. What the package consists of includes the following items:1...

    $48.00 $36.95
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  • Kia Amanti Front Mask

    2004-2006 Kia Amanti Front Mask (A045)

    Kia Amanti Front Mask (A045) So protect your car from the common dangers of being on the road. The Kia Amanti Front Mask, often referred to as bra, is a custom-fit and heavy-duty vinyl shield that is backed with an ultra-soft layer to protect your...

    $142.00 $122.95
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  • Kia Amanti Mud Guards

    2004-2006 Kia Amanti Mud Guards (A034)

    Kia Amanti Mud Guards (A034) The Kia Amanti Mud Guards are custom-fitted and are made of a durable thermoplastic. Thermoplastic is engineered to be a superior material that won't break easily. You already invested in the car, so why don't you...

    $40.00 As low as $39.95
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