Interior Accessories

Give yourself an upgrade with interior accessories for your 2011 Kia Soul here at the Interior Accessories page. Find great interior accessories and experience the Kia Stuff difference when you order online today.

  • Kia Universal Electronics Holder Kia Universal Electronics Holder (A021)

    Kia Universal Electronics Holder (A021)

    Kia Universal Electronics Holder The Kia Universal Electronics Holder conveniently keeps your electronics within an easy arms reach. The Kia Electronics Holder is mounted within the cup holder for convenience and support. It secures your portable...

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  • Kia Soul Sun Shade

    2010-2013 Kia Soul Sun Shade (G027)

    Kia Soul Sun Shade (G027) The Kia Soul Sun Shade is designed to keep your car cool and protect the panels of your car from the damages of the sun! Ever wonder why there is some discoloration or wear on the dashboard or panels of your car?...

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  • Kia Ashtray Cup

    2010-2013 Kia Ashtray Cup (G039)

    Kia Ashtray Cup (G039) This is the Kia Ash Cup! The perfect accessory for those of us who absolutely hate trying to clean out their cup holders when any drinks, liquids, food and other greasy things get into them! The Kia Coiny Cup is...

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  • Kia Soul Sport Pedals

    2010-2011 Kia Soul Sport Pedals (G024)

    Kia Soul Sport Pedals (G024) The Kia Soul Sport Pedals are made from top-quality brushed stainless steel which create an attractive appeal. The Soul Sport Pedals feature raised rubber pads that are important for the safety of...

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